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Ul. Zlotoryjska 186
59-220 Legnica
Tel. (+48) 76 72 31 545
Fax. (+48) 76 72 31 555
Mobile: (+48) 509 708 233

Clips, staples, tacker gun, underfloor heating components pipes

SGI company is an organization which specializes itself in under floor heating technique.

We are young family company and our work is our passion. We have set an aim for ourselves to be the most competent and responsible supplier of solutions for building and industry in the field of under floor heating. We wish to ensure our customers constantly growing sense of comfort as well as raising standard of living by delivering continually improved products. Heating of rooms with application of SGI products is a guaranty of pleasant, economical and first of all environment friendly heat.

For the owners and the team of workers of SGI company the most important value is a client. We want to ensure our buyer the best service by modern management of production, sale, logistics and technical advisory. Our goal is to be distinguished in the market by profesional service which we offer and that will bear fruit in the form of long term business contacts with our partners.

We cordialy invite to cooperation.

SGI Team

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