SGI Heating

other accessories

Gutter clips SGI

These clips are primarily used for installing heating cables in anti-icing systems, commonly mounted within downspouts. The clips features a hole that allows it to be secured on a stainless steel wire with a diameter of up to 2mm. Crafted from materials resistant to adverse weather conditions, gutter clips ensure a stable attachment of the heating cable in gutters.

The gutter clips are also perfect for securing Christmas decorations such as lights or chains. Whether you’re safeguarding against icy conditions or adding a festive touch, our gutter clips offer reliable and versatile solutions.

Swivel feet SGI

Our swivel feets have been meticulously designed with the ideal balance in mind, resulting in unparalleled stability when used with machinery or tools. We employ cutting-edge materials of the highest standards to ensure durability and resistance to atmospheric conditions. The feet shaft is crafted from stainless steel, and the screw features an M8 thread; the base is constructed from high- quality technopolymer of diameter fi 80mm. swivel feet excel in a variety of applications, from everyday use to specialized tasks. Thanks to intuitive mounting solutions, they are easy to install, saving both time and effort. Whether for industrial machinery or household tools, our swivel feet provide a reliable foundation for stability.